Dear foreigners in Japan
 HMS is a one-stop new service provided for foreigners under the umbrella of Economic Data social site which edits company and economy news to viewers started in 09 2004. The objective of HMS is to help and serve expats in Japan to make their living a happy one.
 Our staff has a long experience of living in abroad and gone through difficulties in getting accustomed to the life there. Not only learning the language, but the way of making the daily life a comfortable one is never an easy task to learn. From the experience, we can anticipate what kind of service you really want to have, especially when you are about to start or you have just started living in Japan.
 Of course, you may be able to find places of necessities of life (living space, food, clothing, etc.) through Internet or facilities such as a ward house or a town house. But you may find it difficult to obtain services more or less what you really need. Yes, Japan is a country of high moral in general. However, you may be induced to dishonest merchants looking mainly for money.
 Our staff will be able to help you, like a mentor, making good communications and negotiation with counterparties in conjunction with letting you understand the Japanese culture. And to begin with, we have listed up three services; helping finding domiciles, doctors and schools.
 We wish to keep adding services as we hear the needs from viewer like you. So, please come to contact us for advices.
 We sincerely wish you a happy life in Japan.