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Terms and Conditions

We, Help Me Service (herein after HMS) wish all users to respect the following rules in the Terms and Conditions:

Article 1 Definition
a) User(s) are member(s) of HMS who receive benefit(s) from services provided by HMS.
b) Should we determine any person(s) not appropriate to become user(s), we may ask such person(s) not to use our services. Also, we may disqualify those person(s) even after such person(s) become(s) member(s) according to Article 9.

Article 2 Applications
The rules will be applied to all relations between HMS and users defined in Article 1.

Article 3 Change of rules
a) HMS is free to change the rules anytime.
b) Whenever such change(s) have been made, it will be promptly disclosed through the website.

Article 4 Observance of rules.
User(s) have obligation to understand and follow the rules (including the ones which have been changed)

Article 5 Privacies
The information provided by user(s) when using services will be owned by HMS, and HMS will manage and secure it responsibly. The personal information of user(s) will be managed following the separately determined Privacy Policy. Especially, the user(s) are requested to agree in advance that user(s)’ personal information may be provided to organization(s) to which HMS intermediates for user(s) on behalf whenever HMS thinks it is necessary. Whenever the Private Policy is changed, it will be timely disclosed to user(s) through the website, to which the user(s) are requested to follow.

Article 6 Management of membership ID or registered mail address and pass word
a) Any damages or liabilities arising from the usage of membership ID or registered mail address and pass word are to be resolved under user(s)’ responsibility and expense, and HMS cannot at all be responsible for the troubles.
b) Management of membership ID or registered mail address and pass word should be made under user(s)’ responsibility. HMS will not be responsible at all to any inconvenience or damages incurred to user(s) arising from the usage of membership ID or registered mail address and pass word by the third party.
c) Whenever membership ID or registered mail address and pass word are stolen, the user(s) are requested to immediately report it to HMS; and whenever such report has been made , or HMS realizes such situation, the usage of membership ID or registered mail address and pass word may be ceased by HMS’s discretion.

Article 7 Transmission and reception of electronic mails (emails)
a) Whenever user(s) transmitting emails to HMS, such user(s) are requested to use email address registered in advance.
b) HMS will not be responsible at all times to any inconvenience or damage caused by user(s)’ transmitting or receiving emails using other than the email address registered.
c) Among the emails from HMS provided to members, for the ones HMS considers as ‘important notice’ for providing services such as service ceasing information due to server maintenance, users are requested to agree in advance that distribution cannot be ceased.
d) HMS may, through emails, distribute non private valuable information arising as the result of responding to a particular user, to which HMS asks all users to agree in advance. However, if any user wishing to cease the distribution following the distribution ceasing method provided in the emails, HMS wishes to respond to it as swift as possible.

Article 8 Omission of membership registration (dismissal)
Member(s) are at its discretion to ‘omit member information’ (withdrawal) through the determined website page. Once the membership information is omitted, the membership ID and entry record used till then will also be omitted and cannot be recovered.

Article 9 Prohibitions, cancellation of membership registration and suspension of use
HMS prohibits users taking actions determined below. And when HMS finds users taking such prohibited actions, HMS may cancel the application, omitting the membership registration, and cease further usage. In such case, the membership ID used till then and the application record will be omitted and cannot be recovered. HMS will not at all be responsible for any damages such user(s) may receive.

1. False information description at the time of membership registration and services
2. Distribution of junk mails, abusing and slanders, and writing to other bulletin boards; which may make other member or any other third party feel uneasy, and/or taking actions which may cause damage members and any other third party.
3. Hacking and chain mail distribution actions which interferes HMS’s business.
4. Inappropriate usage of membership rights for business purposes
5. Actions against public orders and standards of decency
6. Actions violating laws and regulations
7. Unauthorized copying and reproduction of HMS’s news, planning and writings provided to HMS
8. Illegal and inappropriate usage of mailing address, password and etc. of him or herself, or of a third party
9. Actions interfering HMS and related parties
10. Mail address provided to HMS has been disconnected or has become invalid

Article 10 Responsibility of handling damage and loss
a) Whenever user(s) give damages or losses to any third party, user(s) are asked to handle and solve the damages and losses at user(s)’ responsibility and user(s)’ expense, and HMS will not be responsible for the damages and losses.
b) If user(s) breach the rules provided in the Terms and Conditions and make dishonest or illegal actions, and give damage to other user(s) due to such actions, HMS has right to ask for a suitable amount of compensation against the user(s).

Article 11 Usage of information acquired
User(s) are not allowed to use any information acquired through HMS’s website other than for the user(s)’s private use, unless HMS approves in advance.

Article 12 Copyright
a) HMS website’s copyright (including Copyright law article 27 and article 28; same to be applied for below) belongs to HMS. It applies for site composition, design, graphic illustration and pictures, and wordings, etc. Actions such as reproducing or re-distributing the detail(s) without HMS’s prior consent will be subject to a breach of Copyright law, and HMS has right to ask for the penalty and compensation against the damage incurred.
b) The Copyright for posted to HMS site and other written articles belongs to HMS, and HMS prohibits the third party other than the contributor to reproduce or re-distribute without HMS’s prior consent all or a part of the articles appeared on HMS’s site. User(s) are not allowed to exercise contributor’s personal right for the articles appeared on HMS site.

Article 13 Change of site detail
a) HMS may change or cease the site or the service detail therein.
b) HMS will not be liable to disadvantages or damages incurred due to such action.

Article 14 Discontinuation and cessation of services
HMS may temporary discontinue or cease partial or all services without prior consent from user(s), in such cases below:
a) HMS site’s network system maintenance and renewal, and in case of emergency.
b) Whenever HMS’s services become difficult to ve provided due to act of God such as fires, blackouts and natural disasters.
c) Also when HMS determines it difficult to provide services due to other unpredictable reasons.

Article 15 Transfer of rights
For the rights or duties described in the Terms and Conditions, HMS may transfer, change or set securities against the third party the rights under the Articles and duties and user(s)’ registered items and client information to the transferee of such business without written consent from user(s) in advance; and in such case, HMS take it as user(s) have agreed to the transfer.

Article 16 Disclaimers
a) Whenever HMS is liable to give notices to user(s), HMS is regarded to have fulfilled such duty when HMS sends out such notices to user(s)’ email address registered in advance.
b) HMS will not be responsible for any damages suffered by user(s), if such damages occur due to user(s) not using provided services.
c) Though HMS, upon requests from user(s), introduces a servicer to user(s), the servicer may not be able respond to user(s)’ request adequately. In such case, HMS will try to rectify it by introducing other servicer.
d) The negotiation between user(s) and servicers introduced by HMS are to be made by both parties. Therefore, any disputes between both parties should be solved by both parties.
e) HMS will not anytime be responsible to (i) discontinuation, cessation, access unavailability or change of HMS’s services, (ii) deleting messages or information by user(s), (iii) withdrawing membership by user(s), (iv) cancelling subscriptions, (v) data losses by using services or equipment pc failures etc., and HMS will not be liable for the compensation.
f) Though HMS site is linked to other sites, and other sites linked to HMS site, HMS will not be at anytime responsible to sites other than HMS site, and the information provided therein.
g) Source of services in the list has been collected and searched by HMS itself. The frequency of information provided therein may vary by the facilities introduced. HMS tries its best to update best as possible, but the information may differ from the ones written. HMS will not be at anytime responsible to any losses due to inaccurate information, unreliable data, and usage of those database and information.
h) HMS will not at anytime be responsible to users’ damage arising from sending and/or receiving information including computer virus and other harmful computer programs.

Article 17 Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Governing law will be laws of Japan. Any disputes arising from the rules determined in the Terms and Conditions should be construed at Tokyo District Court.